The Internet, Art, and Feminism By

Cyberfeminism is often equated with online activism. Articles, reviews, critiques, online debates, blogging – you name it! But, what I like most is when I fall upon creative, feminist, anti-oppression inspiration. Lately, I’ve come across a number of spoken word videos that show the power of art. Listen to Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya […]

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Women In Art: Branka Petrovic on the intersection of art, dance and poetry By

I met Branka Petrovic at the cozy Montreal gem Café Soufflé, at the February rendition of the High Wire Reading series (hosted by Larissa Andrusyshyn). She read a great poem about chairs, so naturally, I had to approach her to do this interview. The result was a fascinating conversation about the intersection of ballet,visual art, and poetry in her life.

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Women In Art: Lara Szabo Greisman on living in an artists’ collective space, and her move to Sweden By

Back in the day, I knew Lara Szabo Greisman as a Jill of all trades – poet, playwright, director, activist – in the art scene in Kingston, Ontario (where we attended university together and participated in a weekly breakfasting ritual). After completing an MA in French Literature at Queen’s University, she skipped over to Stockholm, Sweden to embark on an MA in International Art Curating. I asked her about how the change of scene is treating her, and how her experiences at the artist collective The Artel in Kingston influenced her outlook on art.

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Women In Art: Dana Dal Bo, Renaissance Woman By

Dana Dal Bo created buzz in 2005 when she collaborated with Alexandre-Nicolas Soubiran to create a suggestive interpretation of the Grimm Fairy tales (think the Little Red Riding Hood whipping the Big Bad Wolf) for Divers/Cité. Since then she’s done a little bit of everything, from crafts to jewellery to miniature handwork.

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Women In Art: Dissecting Sexuality, Violence and Intimacy with Amber Hawk Swanson By

This week’s “Women In Art” features a conversation I had with Amber Hawk Swanson, a Brooklyn-based artist. I had the pleasure of meeting her in May 2010 at “Performing Feminism(s),” an interdisciplinary feminist symposium I organized on behalf of McGill Graduate Group for Feminist Scholarship. She captivated the crowd with her artist talk about the Amber Doll, a life-size sex doll of herself. Read on to find out more about the inspirations behind the Amber Doll project, as well as Swanson’s tips for young artists wanting to make a viable career in art.

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Moving through life with power and focus

POWER Camp National/Filles d’Action invites you to join us for two evenings of flamenco dance workshops that will open the door to discussions on women, leadership and empowerment. Girls, young women, and women of all ages are welcome! Together we will embark on an exploration that will engage us in movement, reflection and sharing. We will begin a conversation that aims to explore the power that we have as women to create the world we live in.