Cyber Feminism #AmINext By

Cyber Feminism. A postmodernist term used to describe the philosophies of a contemporary feminist community whose interests are cyberspace, the internet and technology. This term was introduced in the early 1990s and over the years has brought much progress in the feminist movement. Hash tags have been created such as #TheFWord, #YesAllWomen, #AmINext, #HeforShe, and […]

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Hybrid Cultures; Hybrid Identities By

As a First Nation’s youth, I walk two paths in life and strive to tell one story. My story is about the strength and courage needed to live through the hearts of my people and to walk in a world so different from mine.

It is the courage to fight colonialism and assimilation.

It is the courage to fight ignorance and assumption.

It is the courage to teach.

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Voices of Solidarity By

Thursday I was at the Memorial March for Missing and Murdered Women in Montreal, an annual event organized by Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

I asked some of the women there why they believed it was important to show support and take part in the march.

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Media Watch: Journée nationale des Autochtones By

Proclamée par le gouverneur général en 1996, la Journée nationale des Autochtones (21 juin) nous donne la chance de reconnaître les réalisations uniques des gens des Premières nations, des Inuit et des Métis dans une variété de domaines tels que l’agriculture, l’environnement, les affaires et les arts.

Proclaimed by the Governor General in 1996, National Aboriginal Day (June 21) provides an opportunity to acknowledge the unique achievements of First Nations, Métis and Inuit in fields as diverse as agriculture, the environment, business and the arts.

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A story of healing By

In my life I have come across a lot of different types of healing. I have been a woman in this world for 29 years and have been interestingly learning what it means to be a nehiyaw or Cree woman. What it means to be a mother, sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter and cousin. Among all these roles the one that I’m still trying to teach my story about is my healing from addictions. 

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women By

The disappearance of Indigenous women is a systemic epidemic in Canada. In the past three years the Harper government has cut the funding to hundreds of Native and women’s organizations. This includes the Aboriginal Healing Fund in 2010 which funded over 135 Native run organizations across Canada. When this funding was cut, the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter had a third of its funding cut and as a result had to let go of their sexual assault counsellor. Another example is the funding to Sister’s In Spirit, which since 2004 has been doing ground breaking research into how many Indigenous women have actually disappeared.

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Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: Panel Discussion and Memorial March, Feb 11 & 14///Agissez contre la violence By

English version below Merci de diffuser dans vos réseaux! Agissez contre la violence faite aux femmes autochtones Conférence/Discussion La violence faite aux femmes autochtones Invitées : Jessica Yee Intervenante en éducation sexuelle et en prévention de la violence Rachel Alouki Labbé Réalisatrice du documentaire Désert de Croix, un documentaire sur le féminicide à la ciudad […]

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