My Unfortunately Obscure Kick-Ass Role Models By

I often see #goals and #rolemodel tacked on to an instagram post by some Australian swim wear model staring off into some exotic breathtaking sunset. And I’m not condemning anybody here, I’m just pointing out how unfortunate the situation is, that in 2015 women and girls are still pressured to value their body as the […]

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Inspiration Close to Home By

“The year 2014 was amazing in terms of a dialogue regarding women’s rights, feminism, and a growing awareness of the struggles that every self-identified woman faces on a daily basis. Popular culture has afforded different icons and voices for human rights, coming from different backgrounds and experiences. This week’s theme for’s carnival is Role Models […]

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À grands pouvoirs, grandes responsabilités By

J’ai récemment eu le bonheur de rencontrer Sarah, une jeune entrepreneure torontoise qui évolue dans un milieu fortement masculin. En l’entendant parler de son expérience, j’ai compris à quel point il est important que les jeunes femmes soient davantage conscientisées sur les effets de la peur. Notre société a besoin de leaders féminins fortes, compétentes […]

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The Internet, Art, and Feminism By

Cyberfeminism is often equated with online activism. Articles, reviews, critiques, online debates, blogging – you name it! But, what I like most is when I fall upon creative, feminist, anti-oppression inspiration. Lately, I’ve come across a number of spoken word videos that show the power of art. Listen to Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya […]

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Hybrid Cultures; Hybrid Identities By

As a First Nation’s youth, I walk two paths in life and strive to tell one story. My story is about the strength and courage needed to live through the hearts of my people and to walk in a world so different from mine.

It is the courage to fight colonialism and assimilation.

It is the courage to fight ignorance and assumption.

It is the courage to teach.

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