Call for Submissions to Conference – Feminism (s): Strengthening the Ties By

The Vancouver Feminist Action Project, a group of undergraduate students and community activists, is hosting a conference on third wave feminism(s) in Vancouver, B.C. This conference will focus on the work of undergraduate students, while including feminists from graduate programs as well as professional, activist, and business communities.

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La journée nationale d’action 2007 By

En ce jour de la Saint-Valentin, nous en profitons pour NOUS lancer des fleurs!!

Des activités créatives, engagées et motivantes se tiennent dans plusieurs communautés du pays. L’intention derrière cette mobilisation globale : célébrer l’engagement citoyen de centaines de filles et de jeunes femmes, et insuffler aux communautés un même désir de changement social.

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2007 National Day of Action By

February 14 is traditionally Valentine’s Day… but for the past few years, POWER Camp National / Filles d’action has transformed this day into a celebration of the incredible girls and young women across the country who are working for a better world: it’s the National Day of Action!

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youth FUSION jeunesse – La force de l’expression créative By

La Société Garnet Key de l’Université Concordia présente, en collaboration avec LOVE et les Grands Frères et Grandes Soeurs du Grand Montréal:

youth FUSION jeunesse – La force de l’expression créative

Donnons le pouvoir aux jeunes a travers d’initiatives créatives.

FUSION est une conférence peu comme les autres car notre but est de donner l’opportunité aux jeunes de s’exprimer.

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Viens [y] voir – LE zine sur les filles et les jeunes femmes qui passent à l’action contre la pauvreté By

Viens [y] voir
LE zine sur les filles et les jeunes femmes qui passent à l’action contre la pauvreté

Montréal, le 14 février 2007 – Blasés et défaitistes, les jeunes d’aujoud’hui? C’est faux et nous avons des preuves : le zine* Viens [y] voir célèbre toutes ces filles et ces jeunes femmes engagées à changer le monde.

Venez joignez-nous pour une fete de rue sur la rue St. Laurent ! Obtenez une copie de notre zine et regarder les videos faits par des filles !

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Women, Action and the Media Conference By

This conference is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It offers sessions including:
– Making the Most of Digital Media
– Why Journalism’s Ethos Distorts News
– Packaging & Selling Out Girls
– Feminist Action for Media Accountability & Justice
– The Freelance-Editor Relationship
– Becoming a Citizen Journalist
– The Web as a Site for Black Girls’ Resistance
– Making Documentaries for Social Change

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Sidewalk Party By

PCN-FA launches their new and exciting Comic Book Zine on February 14th 2007! Stop by the corner of St. Laurent and Rachel to get a free copy of the zine, some sticker, and sip hot chocolate while watching inspiring videos made by young women across Canada.

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Grrls, Chicks, Sisters & Squaws: Les citoyennes du Cyberspace (Winnipeg) By

The World Wide Web is a boundless territory – a new “final frontier” – filled with every manner of avatars and activists, grrls and geeks, Xenas and xenophobes, all industriously carving out their own corners. Until recently, most Internet users were men, but a recent study reports that women are now “catching up” to our male counterparts.

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Imagining Ourselves-Call for Submissions By

The International Museum of Women invites you to be a part of Imagining Ourselves, an online global exhibit featuring art, photographs, essays and film by young women in their 20s and 30s answering the question, “What defines your generation?”

If you have a story to tell, images to share, a voice that wants to be heard, we welcome your submission. We are accepting film, audio, images and text on issues such as War and Dialogue, Young Men, Motherhood, Image and Identity and for an Online Film Festival. Get to know our exhibit by going

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