Hikes for boys; pedicures for girls By


A 9-year-old N.S. girl is not allowed to attend a boys-only camp. Her option? The Glamorous Girls program

Globe and Mail reporter SIRI AGRELL shows gender stereotyping is alive and well

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I’m not racist, just inept when it comes to the ‘CC funtion By


Twenty-two year old Evon Reid doesn’t get the job because he is a “ghetto dude.” Twenty-six year old Alieen Siu says she didn’t really mean it – but is she referring to her implicit racism and classism or to the fact that the email was sent to Reid erroneously due to a busy day when Siu was “muli-tasking”?

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German UNICEF CAMPAIGN-What are they thinking? By

I received an email the other day from a friend, and the subject was “German UNICEF campaign”. I clicked on the link and was instantly shocked! I was encountered with a picture of a German child whose face was smeared in what looked like mud, and the headline translated as “I’m waiting for my last day in school, the children in Africa still for their first one.”

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Hilary Duff: “not, like, a crazy feminist”. By

What does Hilary Duff know ‘about men’? Well, she knows that she wants to marry one and have “a nice little life baking pies”. At the same time, though, any guy she dates has to “be in the business, so that he understands how hard it can be, with the lifestyle”. Also, she knows that “women are definitely home-makers” and “obviously very different from men”.

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CUTV-Summer Video Bootcamp By

If you’ve ever dreamed about making a movie but didn’t know where to begin, we have the answer for you: the CUTV Summer Video Bootcamp. In two short weeks, the CUTV (Concordia University Television) Summer Video Bootcamp will give you everything you need to start making movies. This skill-building summer camp will team you up with experienced filmmakers, and CUTV will provide all of the equipment. The camp’s fees are on a sliding scale, so it’s accessible to everyone.

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Speaking of Sex Ed… By

What would you do if your geography teacher started listing the symptoms of chlamydia? Sex ed can be relevant to our lives in a way that geography isn’t always – so why was it cut from Quebec high schools?

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Moving through life with power and focus

POWER Camp National/Filles d’Action invites you to join us for two evenings of flamenco dance workshops that will open the door to discussions on women, leadership and empowerment. Girls, young women, and women of all ages are welcome! Together we will embark on an exploration that will engage us in movement, reflection and sharing. We will begin a conversation that aims to explore the power that we have as women to create the world we live in.