1. What is Kickaction?

a. Kickaction.ca is an online community of young women who think for themselves, take a stand and act creatively to bring positive change to their communities and across the globe.

Our bloggers, who include lots of novices, speak their mind on a variety of issues. Through their posts, they sometimes seek social justice, or simply to share some tips with other young women living in Canada! Kickaction also offers a space for marginalized communities to speak out!

Finally, Kickaction is a project by Girls Action foundation – a national charitable organization that builds on girls’ and young women’s skills and confidence and inspires action for social change.

b. The team:
i. Myriam Zaidi : Myriam is the Kickaction Coordinator, and she also happens to be the Communications Coordinator at Girls Action Foundation!

ii. Kyle Serebour: Kyle is the Kickaction Web Developer. We could’ve never redesigned Kickaction.ca without him!

iii. Estelle Ah-Kiow: Estelle Ah-Kiow is a regular contributor to Kickaction.ca. She’s our “pro” when it comes to profiling inspiring young women! She was also the 2014 Blogging Carnival Assistant Coordinator! She loves blogging and we love having her as part of the team!

iv. Alexandra Creo: Alex is a regular Kickaction contributor who loves blogging, debating, and staying in touch with the LGBTQ community!

v. Clivane Previlon: Clivane is the Kickaction Assistant Coordinator with a love for Communications, M&M’s and girl empowerment!

2. We’re looking for team members!

Are you interested in blogging, editing, communications, social media, women’s issues, feminism and more? Are you looking for a cool internship, to diversify your resume or a short-term to long-term volunteering opportunity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, email myriam@girlsactionfoundation.ca and she’ll hook you up!

3. Commenting Policy
Kickaction.ca is a site that strives to be a safer space for young women, and by that we mean all young women. So comments that include discrimination or hate on the basis of race, ability, gender expression, sexual orientation, class, and all those other axes of oppression, will not be published. Neither will comments threatening violence, making broad generalizations about large groups of people, or those that argue that one type of oppression is worse than another.